Friday, September 10, 2010

The way to monetize the brand communication on Smartphones

Luminou ("In the Dark, you can see me") is a soft toys produced by Jemini, an european leader of soft toys (official licensee of Disney, Hello Kitty, Crazy Rabbits...). Luminou is a successful glowing product, with 300.000 sales by year in european market.

Jemini have produced the app Luminou, certainly the most soporific application in the AppleStore! Designed for little ones (and tallest!) who are afraid on the dark,  Luminou will go gently  with your child in his sleep.

Luminou offers a choice of 10 adorable plush toys that glow in the dark, and shuts down gradually depending on the length of your choice.

The user can also choose from 10 musical themes composed by Rondinara group, recognized expert in music for babies. The group Rondinara combines the use of acoustic instruments blended with nature sounds or our daily environment, to create sweet melodies, harmonious and smooth to create a subtle and soothing musical environment.

The luminou will be sold at 1,99 USD.

Content, services : that's how it works, as in real life. If you offer a real content, a real service to consummers, they will be ready to give you money for this.

Luninous on iPhone website

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