Thursday, December 10, 2009

A tribute to Violet Blue

Violet Blue is today in Paris for the conference LeWeb09, where all people of the global web have to be (Jack Dorsey of Twitter, Chad Hurley of YouTube, Marissa Meyer of Google ...) :  I want to make a special creation for her.
What, you do not know who is Violet Blue? She is the author of numerous guides on sexuality and of the famous podcast Open Source Sex. Actually, I did not heard about Violet Blue until her "voyage" in Paris, but we must say that I am French.
So, in tribute to Violet Blue, a special creation of names, not to put in everyone's hands (or ears!).
Name your Dick!
the Japanese style: DICKKIO
ADDICK for an addiction,
DICKENTZ, for a German,
Dickon, for an Englishman,
DICKOF, for a Russian,
DICKEZO, for an Italian
DICKKY,  if it's lovely,
DICKEEN for an environmentalist,
DICKOUS ... you can imagine ...
Dickon, if a President,
DICKUTE because you love it!

From TheBrandGenerator

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