Friday, November 27, 2009

Is Twitter Make Us Deaf ?

In his famous article "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" Nicholas Carr questioned the results produced by internet on the construction of our thought, which googlelized increasingly, due to a deluge of information, improperly hierarchical, fragmented and not necessarily relevant.
A global debate, justified, and which continues today, especially for younger generations who have not known printed encyclopedias, the research in a library... We will see what will happen to the world, future still open...

I now swim in the seas of Social Marketing, in the lakes of Web 2.0 and in the rivers of Social Networks, so I come to use Twitter. More exactly trying to use Twitter smartly, ie to find in Twitter something that makes me intelligent. If one wants to believe that intelligence comes from information, and from information contained in 140 characters and no more.
Twitter is based on the issue of instant messages, ultra short, from a multitude of sources : all posts from all blogs in the world (more than 30 millions worldwide) have the little button twitte-me ...
In very little time, Twitter has become a media center that delivers a continuous stream of abstruse messages, which no one pays attention. As the platform is open, unlike other social networks, you will inevitably try to "follow" (to contact) the maximum number of people, with the hope that themselves will follow you and listen to you ! Like everyone, or almost, look for the same aim on Internet, be heard by the greatest number of people, you will soon have a fabulous network of "friends" that you follow and who follow you (several thousands of contacts in a few days, tens of thousands in a few weeks).
If you follow 1000 or 2000 peoples, you receive a message every 2 or 3 seconds (this is not a statistic, it's lived!). Messages that say: "RT @ rajupp TechPP Mega Christmas Giveaway: SnagIt 9.1 'n or' How to make a pet veterinary website design in photoshop, (that can be useful sometimes , who knows?)
Ultimately, the information becomes noise, and you become a little bit deaf!
At this point there is no other option but to disconnect the plug, turn off the noise source. Close the account.
Open a new account, only invite people who really matters to you, and share your moods or your infos, relevant and chosen. Just as with the good-old-time email ... but shorter.

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